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The Communist Party of China He has assumed an unprecedented number of positions since coming to power in 2012, including the title of a "core" leader of China, which puts him on par with past political giants like Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping. There are likely to be more of his allies placed in leadership positions at the congress, and we may see the enshrining of his policies, known as "Xi Jinping Thought", in the party charter. Image caption Mr Xi is the current Communist Party general secretary and is expected to retain the position That move would again place him on the level of Mao in Chinese political history. Some believe he may even announce a move that would extend his rule past the traditional two-term limit for the presidency. Since becoming president in 2012, Mr Xi has spearheaded a sweeping anti-corruption campaign which has seen more than a million officials disciplined. It has been seen by some as a massive internal purge of opponents. Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionSongs have been written celebrating Chinese President Xi Jinping, one even has an accompanying dance routine A movement dubbed by some as "the cult of Xi" has also emerged, with propaganda songs dedicated to him and a deluge of positive press in state media, who have coined a nickname aimed at endearing him to citizens - "Xi Dada", or Uncle Xi. A misty-eyed ode to China's leader from a deputy editor What does this mean for the rest of the world? Analysts believe that while a major reshuffle of the Standing Committee could herald some policy changes, by and large China would continue on the same track, with Mr Xi still at the helm to ensure stability. At home, China's five-year economic reform plan is still in play, as is Mr Xi's anti-corruption campaign and growing authoritarian rule.

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Same-sex marriage debate: what makes one woman cry - and what makes her smile

"As I watched gay men become more mainstream over the years, I realised their publicly recognisable female counterparts ... Some of the callers who insisted that marriage could only be between a man and a woman sounded young, but that hardly seemed odd. I'd heard it all before, all over the world. Out of nowhere, though, my vision blurred as if inside a car wash. I hurriedly rolled up my windows, fearing someone might spot a woman in her early 40s not only listening to Triple J, but also crying in the sort of dramatic little gulps usually seen in childhood. What on earth was going on? I'd broken it to my loved ones during my 20s that I wasn't, er, really into men. And over the years, I'd become battle-hardened to the musings of strangers: "But why do gay women have to look like men?" "Oh, what a waste." "You're not really a lesbian, are you? You don't look like one." "As I watched gay men become more mainstream over the years, I realised their publicly recognisable female counterparts were still few and far between."  Not only that, but as a long-time reporter, including a decade spent in New York, I'd seen it all: plane crashes, sombre September 11 anniversaries, burying dead kittens in Kabul.

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