The Challenges Today For Key Details Of Ball Gowns

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T-Shirt "The idea would be appalling. When you go on holiday you want to enjoy yourself, not be arguing the toss about different things." Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionLabour conference: Delegates on befriending Conservatives Image caption Chris Owen and Paul Cooney discuss friendships with political rivals Does he have friends who are Tories? "Doubt it. But it doesn't matter to me at all, I've never even given it a thought until you've raised it. I think it's a crazy notion." Others take a more relaxed view of making friends across Westminster's political divide. Ealing North MP Stephen Pound - who once joked that he would disown his daughter if she came home with a Tory - suggested Labour MPs have always chummed up with those sitting on the Conservative benches on the other side of the House of Commons chamber. "The tradition is that your opponents are sitting opposite you but your enemies are behind you," he says. "Nigel Evans (Tory MP for Ribble Valley) and I have an understanding and we have been close friends for many years. "I am friendly with Tories because I wish to show them the error of their ways, and show them the paths of righteousness." Image caption Jo Sergeant and Harriet Bradley know some Tories This might reflect the reality of life at Westminster, where MPs from all sides work together on committees and swap cross-party gossip in the bars and restaurants, away from the tribal name-calling that we see on TV. But some MPs arrive at the place determined not to be seduced into friendly relations with the other side. Recently-elected Labour MP Laura Pidcock caused a stir last month when she said she had "absolutely no intention" of being friends with any of the Conservatives she encountered at Westminster.

Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections. #quotes #fashion

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